02 Jun

Public EV chargers suck you say? Well, i couldn’t agree more

Every other busy day in a mall parking lot, there’s a slew of swanky looking electric cars waiting to charge up their battery before they’re left stranded in the actual middle of the road with nowhere to turn to nor any heat to sustain this (short) yet freezing winter.

With a network of over 40,000 public electric vehicle fast-charging stations, you’d think it wouldn’t be completely irrational to not have to drive dozens of miles to reach a less occupied or even functioning charger. Well, I suppose 40,000 is very much in a country of over 300 million people. Considering there are around 2 million people with registered electric vehicles to date in the United States, one would reckon that there would be a much larger base for charging the sustainable cars. But, that is not the case.

Quite Cumbersome
Into the problems we go. The name “public fast-charging station” already has so much negative connotation around it, it’s not even funny. It’s literally giving port-a-potty energy which goes to show how many issues revolve around this concept that EV drivers deal with regularly.

No one likes looking stupid in public. But some public chargers can be beyond confusing, with different plugs giving different amounts of hourly range leading to crazy calculations that could be so easy to escape if only you had planned ahead. If only, amirite.

Another huge issue with public EV charging stations lies in their apps. The are the exact opposite of few and far between, with tons for every different companies chargers leading to literal last minute downloads that need so much information it’s headache inducing and you’re just sitting there hoping your phone doesn’t crash because you don’t have a gig of storage left but you really just need your car charged. So yes, the apps are annoying, to put it quite plainly.

Then the basics of our dilemmas: too slow to charge, too expensive, too far to find, or simply too broken.

Not to worry, VroomCharge to the rescue
VroomCharge, also known as the only app you’ll need to charge your electric vehicle. Say goodbye to the numerous confusing apps and say hello to the only EV charging network you’ll ever find necessary.

Vroom Charge is a network-based app that finds people nearby that house a charger for EVs. Instead of scouring your maps for the closest (ironically) charger, you can simply find the closest person’s garage. With about 2 million registered EV drivers in the United States alone, imagine how much easier it’ll be to find a charger near you as opposed to the minuscule 4,000 public ones.

Not only does Vroom Charge use a peer-to-peer based system to connect one with the closest charger, it also allows options including in-house car washes or vacuum. This literally just expands and encourages the need for the app.

Let’s not forget, that it’s cheaper. Regular, gasoline-powered cars drain savings with the blink of an eye. That might be just one reason a person decides to switch to an electric vehicle. But now, you still have to pay for electricity. And charging up publicly ends up being more expensive than charging your car at home. But, it’s not like you can just transport your car back home every time you need a juice. Therefore, VroomCharge.